With our varied product line and more than 30 years of experience in the power conditioning/protection business, TSi Power is able to solve OEMs’ specific, challenging requirements.

TSi Power OEM solutions

Power Protection Solutions for OEMs

When you work with TSi Power, we’ll partner with you to find a solution to your particular challenge. With our knowledgeable, responsive staff, full-line of superior-quality products and ability to develop customized solutions, we will quickly determine the best product for your need, application and budget.

Our Expertise

At TSi Power, we design power conversion products from the ground up. This involves modeling, topology selection, programming and prototyping to finished product. Our solutions include DC-AC inverters, UPS, DC power supplies, transfer switches and AC voltage regulators. With a fundamental understanding of power semiconductors and magnetics and a solid understanding of thermal issues, we design and layout our own printed circuit board assemblies to control interference and parasitic capacitance. Plus, we have a detailed understanding of energy storage components such as lead acid batteries, lithium ion batteries, capacitors and ultra capacitors.

For every project, we tap into our many years of experience involving surge protective devices and line filters for various applications.

We have an excellent working relationship with Intertek/ETL and are intimately familiar with applicable safety standards.

The right power protection solution for your next project

We begin by determining if a standard or slightly modified product can be used. If a custom solution is needed, we will try to create it by using existing building blocks. This reduces the development costs and lead times for product completion.

If necessary, we will develop custom circuits and enclosures to suit a specific customer application. We can also develop custom circuits and enclosures to suit specific customer applications. Throughout the process, our team works closely with you to successfully fulfill the requirement.

Defining the Product

We start by gathering essential information relating to the OEM’s product. This information includes but is not limited to determining:

• Required features
• If input/output voltage, current and frequency and back-up time are applicable
• Wiring devices
• Environmental parameters, such as ambient temperature and installation environment
• Required agency approvals
• Enclosure and mounting requirements
• Color and type of paint

Our Process

Once the product has been defined, we issue a formal quotation for review and acceptance. We will produce and ship a prototype for review and approval. If changes are required, we will modify the product accordingly. We then finalize product documentation. Once OEM customer approves first article, we will go to production.

If agency approvals are required we will work with Intertek to first determine the necessary safety and EMC standards. At TSi Power, we are familiar with the most common standards relating to safety and EMC and will quickly research and understand other applicable standards. We have a well-established relationship with Intertek and have worked with UL and other leading EMC labs. This experience enables us to identify pitfalls and to keep the approvals process on track.

Our Solidworks CAD design capability and experience allows us to closely work with our enclosure fabricators to make sure that parts are consistently produced to specifications. Finally, we conduct rigorous electrical and electronic component, sub-assembly and final assembly testing of all products prior to shipment to ensure that our customers get correctly functioning units every time.

Cost Effective Production

We produce small quantity custom products in the United States at our facility in Wisconsin. For higher volumes when cost is critical, we can produce our products at TSi Elecpower in Gujarat, India. Products made by our facility in India meet the same design and quality standards as our U.S.-made solutions.