TSi Power offers a large selection of products to address power quality issues, including outdoor and indoor UPS battery back-up solutions, DC-AC inverters and automatic transfer switches. Plus, we offer custom designed products when commercial off-the-shelf solutions are not readily available.

  • Automatic Voltage Regulators

    Frequently used to correct unstable mains voltage, which can cause equipment malfunction/failure, TSi Power offers a full line of automatic voltage regulators in sizes up to 125 kVA. Our products are based on cutting-edge PWM technology and solve problems for OEMs and end users.

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  • Isolation Line Conditioners

    Our rugged isolation line conditioners solve grounding problems, recreate neutral-to-ground bond, reduce leakage current, enhance safety, limit short-circuit current, reduce common and normal-mode noise and provide excellent surge protection for sensitive electronic equipment.

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  • ATS-1000

    Automatic Transfer Switches

    A must when downtime caused by a loss of AC power is not an option, TSi Power’s ATS and ARM products enable dual grid sources, redundant UPS or other AC power sources to be used for a single load. Our automatic transfer switches are available in 120 and 230 V versions and up to 30 A capacity.

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  • Outdoor DC UPS

    Outdoor UPS

    Superbly engineered and ruggedly constructed in the USA, TSi Power’s premium Outdoor UPS systems are the right choice for your next project. They are available in both AC-output and DC-output.

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  • Customized Products

    Custom Solutions

    When a commercial off-the-shelf product isn’t right for your application, rely on TSi Power’s custom solutions. Specializing in small to medium volumes, we have provided hundreds of customer-specific solutions. We’ll work closely with you to develop the right product and can take the product through agency approval.

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