Indoor Automatic Transfer Switches

Use TSi Power’s automatic transfer switches (ATS) when any downtime due to a single power source failure cannot be tolerated.

TSi Power Indoor Automatic Transfer Switches

As a low-cost way to ensure maximum availability of AC power, TSi Power's automatic transfer switches enable power supply redundancy for critical loads with any combination of dual UPS, inverter backup generator or other AC power sources.

Internet service providers, critical servers and telecom equipment, factory PLCs and power generating plant PLCs worldwide rely on TSi Power’s indoor automatic transfer switches.  An automatic transfer switch lets you use redundant UPS, backup generators, microgrid, or other AC power sources for a single critical load.

We offer a full line of indoor automatic transfer switches for both synchronous and asynchronous power sources. TSi Power’s ATS solutions are available in 120 and 230 V models and in 15, 20, and 30 amp versions for both North American and European standards. They can be either hardwired or configured with various receptacle options.

The rack-mountable units permit daisy chaining with any sine wave 120 V or 230 V UPS up to 30 A. They provide unlimited redundancy using any combination of independent (separate) AC circuits, UPS systems, photovoltaic, hydro or wind turbine-fed DC to AC inverters and generator-backed AC circuits.