• June, 2015 InTech Magazine

    Protecting Singapore’s Changi Airport power with automatic transfer switches

    Airports are critical nerve centers of the global economy, and it's important that they keep running regardless of power outages

    Singapore’s Changi Airport is the 14th busiest in the world. In 2014, it served more than 54 million passengers and 1.8 million tons of air freight. Airports rely on backup power systems to keep crucial processes working smoothly. Typically, major airports are served by two or more independent alternating current (AC) grids and backed up by several very large emergency generators or uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). However, Changi Airport’s power is also protected by automatic transfer switches.

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  • October, 2014 Modern Material Handling magazine

    Fixed path: Power protection prevents production interruptions

    After installing voltage-regulated power supplies, the company has protected itself against power fluctuations and downtime

    Modern Material Handling magazine spotlighted how Hwashin, a Hyundai OEM in India, rolled out the TSi-VRP throughout the plant for complete power conditioning.

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  • May, 2014 Tower Xchange magazine

    How to Make the Power Grid More Usable

    TSi Power’s power protection, conversion and UPS solutions proven at thousands of emerging market cell sites

    Nam Paik, Director of Sales at TSi Power, discusses how to make the power grid more usable with Tower Xchange magazine.

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  • February, 2014 Flow Control Magazine

    Q&A: A Reasoned Approach to OEM Technology Partnerships

    An industry insider offers insights on the keys to success for OEMs and system integrators

    David Nystrom, General Manger at TSi Power Products, discusses a reasoned approach to OEM technology partnerships with Flow Control Magazine.

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  • January, 2014 Trade & Industry Development Magazine

    R+D Hotbeds that are Driving Development

    Peter Nystrom, TSi Power President, discusses the benefits that technology has on his business in Trade & Industry Development magazine.

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