Automatic Transfer Switches

Rely on automatic transfer switches for redundant power.

TSi Power’s family of rugged automatic transfer switches includes the ATS line to switch out-of-phase input sources and the ARM line for switching in-phase sources at lower current levels.

An automatic transfer switch enables UPS, backup generators or other AC power sources to be used for a single load.

Industrial customers such as ABB, American Electric Power, Emerson Process Systems, GE, Invensys, Siemens and Thales rely on TSi Power’s automatic transfer switches as a redundant AC power source for protecting mission-critical equipment.

The ATS, with its ability to switch out-of-phase power sources, is designed for situations that can’t tolerate downtime from a power outage, while the ARM can be used with in-phase power sources only. Both TSi Power’s ATS and ARM provide much higher reliability than a standalone UPS, because they eliminate a single point of AC failure.

TSi Power automatic transfer switch options include:
• Rack-mounting kits are available for both ATS and ARM
• ATS is available in either 120 or 230 V with output currents of 15, 20, or 30 A
• ARM is available in either 120 or 230V with an output current of 15 A

For additional information about ATS and ARM, refer to the features table beneath the images.

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Features ATS ARM
Fast switching yes yes
Out-of-phase sources yes no
120 or 230 V yes yes
Adjustable switching time yes no
Efficiency High Very High
Transistor status indication yes yes
Optional relay contact indication yes yes
AC input sources Sinewave Sinewave