From the top on down, all of us at TSi Power are committed to helping you with your power protection needs. Our staff includes:

  • Peter Nystrom

    Peter Nystrom


    Peter has over 35 years of experience in the power protection industry. Peter has founded three companies during his career. He is a specialist on power solutions for emerging countries and has authored many articles on the state of power quality worldwide. He also served as a consultant to various major companies in the telecom industry. Peter finished his electrical engineering training in Sweden.

  • Nam Paik

    Nam Paik

    Vice President of Sales

    Nam has over 30 years of experience in the power protection industry. He has progressed from a designer of UPS products to his present position. After receiving BSEE and MSEE degrees from Georgia Tech, he started his career with Nortel. Nam is based in the Atlanta area.

  • Maria Maddix

    Maria Maddix

    General Manager

    Maria is the executive in charge of purchasing, PCB production, product BOMs, book-keeping, human resources, and shipping. She has been with TSi Power since 2000.

  • Lon Barske

    Lon Barske

    Production Supervisor

    Lon manages TSi Power’s production department. After starting with TSI Power in 1999 as a technician, he has mastered all aspects of our production and test processes. Lon holds an associate degree in electronics.

  • Lance Barske

    Lance Barske

    Technical Manager

    Lance is in charge of product documentation, drafting, and safety certification. He started with TSi Power in 1999 as a technician and is now an expert on sheet metal enclosure design, CAD, and technical documentation. Lance holds an associate degree in electronics.

  • Hans Ziegler

    Hans Ziegler

    Mechanical Engineer

    Hans oversees TSi Power’s mechanical engineering. He has been with TSi Power since 1998 and serves on the board of directors. With over 50 years of experience in the telecommunications and power protection industry, he was a senior executive with Reliable Electric prior to founding his own consulting firm. Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Hans has a degree in industrial engineering and an MS in management.

  • Lee Foth

    Lee Foth

    Facilities Manager

    Lee manages the facilities, production batching, inventory, and OSHA compliance. He previously was general manager for a U.S. defense contractor managing quality control and testing.

  • David Nystrom

    David Nystrom

    Director of Special Projects

    David’s areas of responsibility include IT, marketing, sales, documentation, and product development. He has more than twelve years of experience in the power conversion industry. David began his career in manufacturing and progressed to sales, marketing, and management.