Outdoor Automatic Transfer Switches

As a low-cost way to ensure maximum availability of AC power, TSi Power’s outdoor automatic transfer switches are ideal when any downtime due to a single power source failure cannot be tolerated.

TSi Power Outdoor Automatic Transfer Switches

Outdoor automatic transfer switches enable power supply redundancy for critical loads with any combination of dual UPS, inverter backup generator, microgrid, or independent AC power sources.

Oil and gas companies, cellular operators, railroads, distributed generation plants and more around the world rely on TSi Power’s outdoor automatic transfer switches. They provide unlimited redundancy using any combination of independent (separate) AC circuits, UPS systems, photovoltaic, hydro or wind turbine-fed DC to AC inverters and generator-backed AC circuits.

We offer a full line of outdoor automatic transfer switches for both synchronous and asynchronous power sources. TSi Power’s ATS and ARM solutions are available in 120 and 230 V models and in 15, 20, and 30 amp versions for both North American and European standards.  Enclosures feature knockouts for running conduit directly to the unit.

TSi Power outdoor automatic transfer switches are built in NEMA-3R / IP 54 weatherproof or NEMA-4X / IP65 watertight enclosures for maximum protection from the elements.  All internal components are conformal coated to shield against moisture, condensation, and salt vapor ingress.  Enclosures may be wall, pole, or pad mounted.

TSi Power’s outdoor automatic transfer switches let you use redundant UPS, backup generators or other AC power sources for a single critical load, no matter where that load is installed.  Call us today at +1-800-874-3160 to learn more.

  • Outdoor ATS-1000

    These ATS automatic transfer switches are designed for asynchronous redundant AC power sources. ATS utilizes solid-state relays with user-selectable transfer times and permit out-of-phase power sources. They are hardwired and have high quality barrel clamp wiring terminals, which eliminates the requirement for termination.

    Outdoor ATS
  • Outdoor ARM-1000

    The ARM automatic redundancy module provides uninterrupted AC to your load in the event one AC source fails. It requires two power sources which are in phase; only clean sinewave power sources should be used. Most often used as an external UPS bypass switch, the ARM allows customers to repair or replace a faulty UPS unit without having to shut down the critical load.

  • MK Mounting Brackets

    TSi Power’s Rack/Floor/Wall Mounting kits enable our ATS series to be placed virtually anywhere that fits your space considerations, including on the floor. For rack mount configurations, they are designed to accommodate most standard component rack enclosures. With a simple rack mount kit option, you can place your rack-mountable automatic transfer switch in a 19”, 23” or 24” rack and better facilitate the space requirements of your systems.