Automatic Voltage Regulators

TSi Power’s voltage regulators are designed for applications where stable power is a requirement.

Solve many power-related problems with TSi Power’s rugged automatic voltage regulators (AVRs). From unstable branch circuits, unstable power grid and poor local distribution to bad wiring and frequent generator cycling, we have your application covered.

TSi Power offers a full range of automatic voltage regulators, including VRP with PWM continuous seamless correction, SLC with four-tap relay switched regulation and FLC with a saturated ferroresonant transformer.

TSi Power’s indoor and outdoor AVRs are available for a variety of applications, including industrial, telecom and medical. Our VRP line is a compact, light-weight, tightly regulating line conditioner that responds instantly with a wide input voltage range but without switching the active power path. The SLC line is a low-cost solution suitable for low-power applications. And, the FLC line is designed for loads that are stable and cannot tolerate any short-term interruption in voltage. With excellent surge voltage protection, FLC’s lack of active components makes it ideal for remote locations.

For additional information about specific products, refer to the features table under the images.

TSi Power automatic voltage regulator options include:
• Indoor and outdoor versions
• Available in sizes up to 50 kVA for both indoor and outdoor models

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    Indoor Automatic Voltage Regulators

    Available in sizes of up to 50 kVA, the VRP line features 96% power efficiency when regulating and higher when voltage is normal.

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    Outdoor Automatic Voltage Regulators

    Available in sizes of up to 50 kVA depending on type, the VRX line features power efficiency of 96% when regulating and higher when voltage is normal.

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Features VRP SLC FLC
Fast Regulation yes no yes
No switching of power path yes no yes
Load compatibility Excellent Average Low
Over/under-voltage cutoff Optional no no
Automatic bypass yes no Not Required
Wide voltage input window yes no yes
Precision voltage regulation yes no no
Precision voltage regulation Excellent Average Poor
Line isolation no no yes
Power efficiency Excellent Good Poor
Size and weight Compact/light Compact/light Big/heavy