AC Output UPS

Survive the elements. Protect your equipment. Rely on line-interactive technology for extended back-up, voltage regulation and temperature compensated battery charging.

TSi Power AC Output UPS

TSi Power’s Outdoor XUPS series provides robust AC filtering, surge suppression and uninterrupted backup power for both North American and international mains power. The Outdoor XUPS features a 5052 aluminum NEMA 3R/IP54 weather-proof enclosure tested in accordance with UL 50E.

The XUPS uses a line-interactive UPS topology with the most efficient inverter design in the industry. This eliminates dangerous heat buildup and allows for the use of a smaller battery plant, saving space and reducing operating costs. It features extremely robust surge suppression and automatic voltage regulation to prevent power disruption or equipment damage from transients, spikes, sags and other dangerous grid events.

The Outdoor XUPS is available in power ratings from 600 to 3000 VA and battery backup times from 15 minutes up to 18 hours. The units can be wall, pad or pole-mounted. In addition to our standard single door enclosures, dual-door access models are available – ideal for telecom applications. Unlike others in the market, TSi Power’s outdoor UPS units are completely assembled in our U.S.-based factory and require no end-user equipment integration.

If one of our standard outdoor UPS models doesn’t meet your requirements, let us know. TSi Power can meet most specialized demands, including expanded battery backup time, more rapid battery charging, integration of customer equipment into our units, 316L stainless steel enclosures for offshore environments, secure access features and more.