J. Krentz Design: Protecting high-end audio-visual equipment from destructive power disturbances

VRP Single Phase 230 V

J. Krentz Design is a Minnesota-based designer specializing in luxury homes and systems. Because most of their clientele has high-end audio-visual and home theater equipment, they want to be assured their investment will be protected in the event of power disturbances and surges – especially those caused by storms.


Jeff Krentz, owner of J. Krentz Design, wanted a solution that would protect and provide clean power for the array of high-end equipment found in his clients’ homes. He looked into numerous power protection solutions and ultimately chose TSi Power’s VRP-3000 automatic voltage regulator.

“After extensive research, I found that consumer-level products including Monster and other well-known names, cannot match the level of protection, regulation and power conditioning offered in this single unit,” said Krentz. 

TSi Power’s VRP line of automatic voltage regulators incorporates unique AC-chopper technology for very high efficiency and complete line conditioning. Its inverter imposes an ultra-fast PWM correction voltage on the primary winding of a buck-boost transformer. 

Krentz also has the VRP-3000 installed at his own home. He has tested the AC power line and has found that the voltage will fluctuate by as much as 4-6 volts when he turns up the volume on his audio-visual equipment without using the VRP-3000. However, “with the VRP-3000, the voltage is rock solid and I can’t get it to budge no matter how loud I go,” he said. 

The unit in Krentz’s home has been in service since the early 2000s without interruption. At one point, lightning struck the power lines which exploded the home’s automatic sprinkler control system and sent plastic shrapnel throughout the garage. The damage was so great that it started a small fire at both the plug and the panel. The same storm also burned out a store-bought surge protector that was connected to the computer systems. Meanwhile, TS Power’s automatic voltage regulator was unaffected.

“The lightning did not faze the VRP-3000 and it protected my audio equipment without flinching. In fact, I was watching a movie with the audio on at the time. It not only protected my equipment then, but continues to work well today.”