RMA Policy


The purpose of this document is to describe the Return Material Authorization (RMA) policy and procedure for products purchased from TSI Power Corporation, Antigo WI. This Policy applies to products purchased as of October 2019 and includes ATS, XUPS, DCUPS, ACUPS, VRP and ILC products.

Returns for Credit

If a customer wishes to return an unused product for credit, a request must be made through a TSI sales representative to the CEO of TSI Power Corporation. No RMA may be issued and no product may be returned for credit without the express written approval from the CEO of TSI.

Warranty Periods

Eligibility for RMA is subject to the terms outlined in TSI’s warranty agreement and is dependent on the warranty period and date of purchase. TSI’s warranty agreement can be found on the company’s website (www.tsipower.com).

RMA Policy and Repair Process

  1. To submit an RMA request, the customer must contact TSI support. RMA requests will be reviewed and approved on a case by case basis, dependent on the terms of the warranty agreement.
  2. If the warranty period has expired, and/or the product has reached its End Of Sale stage, TSI support will direct the customer to the relevant sales person, where an alternative replacement product or service may be offered.
  3. If the RMA request is approved, the TSI RMA team will assign the customer an RMA number. The customer will be provided with shipping instructions to send the faulty product to a TSI Antigo. Please refer to Shipping Policy section for shipping responsibility.
  4. Upon receipt of the faulty product at TSI, initial diagnostic tests will determine whether the warranty has been voided by the acts or omissions of the customer, as specified in the product’s warranty terms and conditions, and whether the claimed fault can be found.
  5. If it is determined that the warranty has been voided, the customer will be requested to send a purchase order or will be charged according to the customer’s method of payment on file to cover the cost of repair.
  6. If no fault is found with the product, the customer will be charged a testing fee of $125 according to the customer’s method of payment on file. In cases where TSI will not be able to reproduce the reported issue, it will attempt to contact the customer prior to determining that no fault is found.
  7. If fault is determined (and the warranty has not been voided), the in-warranty repair process will commence.
  8. In an effort to reduce turnaround time, TSI may, at its sole discretion, offer to exchange the faulty product with a refurbished replacement product, from TSI’s inventory, as an alternative to repairing the customer’s original product.

Advanced RMA

  1. Customer may request an “Advanced RMA.” Advanced RMA is subject to approval at the sole discretion of the TSI support team. If approved the RMA department will process and send a refurbished/replacement product to the customer prior to the return of the faulty product (subject to availability). Upon receipt of the replacement, the customer is required to return the original product to TSI, where it may be repaired and placed into inventory for future used by TSI.
  2. TSI reserves the right to decline a request for an Advance RMA from any customer who has not returned an original product after receiving an Advance RMA unit from TSI at any time. This does not, in any way, limit TSI’s sole discretion to honor an Advance RMA request as stated above.

Shipping Policy

When in-warranty products are shipped to TSI for repair or replacement, the following shipping terms apply:

Domestic (US) Customers:

Customer Shipping to TSI: The product shall be shipped to TSI’s repair center at
the expense of the customer. If, after receipt, an in-warranty product is found to have a manufacturing defect, TSI will credit the customer for the inbound shipping cost.

TSI Shipping to Domestic (US) Customers:

The repaired/replaced or Advanced RMA product shall be shipped to the customer at TSI’s expense (using UPS Ground Shipping). If the customer requires expedited shipping, the customer will be responsible for using its preferred shipping service at their own expense.

International Customers:

For products being shipped internationally, the shipping policy will be defined locally by each region. When out-of-warranty products are returned by the customer, TSI may require the customer to pay all costs of shipping, customs and duties.


TSI reserves the right to modify this RMA Policy and Process Notice at any time by posting the changes on the TSI website and/or by otherwise notifying the customer accordingly. For further information, please contact your TSI salesperson.

Contact Information

TSI Power Corporation
1103 W. Pierce Avenue
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email: support@tsipower.com