Tronix Group, Iraqi branch: Powering surveillance cameras with long periods of AC power outages


Tronix Group is a Cyprus-based integrator overseeing a camera surveillance project for local police in southern Iraq. Tronix’s engineers needed a robust backup power solution because they not only faced Iraq’s extreme heat and dust, they needed to work around AC power cuts that were significantly longer than anticipated.


In 2008, George Parpas of Tronix Group’s Iraqi branch specified the purchase of more than 120 of TSi Power’s pole-mounted outdoor uninterruptible power supplies. 

TSi Power’s UPS-8225 provided both 24 VDC and 48 VDC with 230 V, 50 HZ input. With a battery runtime of more than 12 hours, each unit provided 67 W to power a combined CCTV camera and radio equipment on each tower. The UPS-8225’s high-capacity battery charger is able to recharge batteries within six hours following a 12+ hour power shortage, which is common in Iraq. 

“The units have been operating ever since and we had great technical support from TSi Power’s engineers,” said Parpas. 

“To overcome these long periods power cuts, we also used solar panels and we discussed how to connect the UPS on solar panels with TSi Power,” added Parpas.

Tronix also added the network switch into the UPS enclosure, so they coordinated this addition with the TSi Power engineering team.